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  • Bridge Builder 2 / Bridge Project - Having trouble to activate the product
  • Bridge Builder 2 / bridge Project - Version 1.0

    In case of problem to get the product activated pls. set the time on your PC to UTC+1.
    Make sure that date and time are correct.

    Once you set the time you should be able to activate the game.
    After the activation you can set back the time to your local time.

    Bridge Builder 2 / Bridge Project - Version 1.1 or higher

    Check the correct time settings on your PC, please.

    Should this not be successful: Pls. register the product at MyHalycon and get the full patch (version 1.2).
    We always recommend registering the product. It is free and you get an automatic info about service packs.
    Uninstall your prior version and install version 1.2. This version solves all known activation problems.